Rhymes and Rights: The Legal Rap

Yo, let’s talk about the law, let’s bust a rhyme

From product law limits to fidelity legal services, we’re gonna take our time

So take a seat and listen up, we’re gonna educate

Starting with road legal electric vehicles in the UK, let’s set the record straight

Now, if you’re in Florida and you need to make a will

For a married person, we’ve got the skill

And if you’re interested in ABA rules and standards

We’ve got the compendium of professional responsibility in our hand

Let’s talk about letting agreements in the UK, it’s not just about the rent

Or how about a month to month rental agreement, you know what I meant

Is matched betting legal in the UK? Let’s take a look

And what about EU law in the UK, it’s all in the book

So that’s the rap, we’ve covered the legal rhymes

From product law limits to EU law, we’ve got it all on time

Thanks for tuning in and hearing what we had to say

Come back soon for more legal knowledge, on any day