Understanding Legal Rules and Compliance

Rappin’ Legal Rules and Compliance

Yo, let’s talk about legal rules and compliance
From Oregon DEQ to California’s break time reliance
Starting with Oregon DEQ septic rules that you gotta know
To keep your septic system up and running, yo!

Legal Topic Legal Link
CDR Tax Legal Check it out here
Introduction to Legal System Download the PDF
Online Tenancy Agreement Get the template here
Legal Limit in PA Learn more
Free Music Downloads Legally Get your music here
Laws about COVID-19 Check the guidelines
California Break Time Rules Know the rules
Congruence Statement Understand the statement
Beadlocks Street Legal in California Get legal advice

From taxes to tenancy, legal limits to COVID laws
There’s so much to learn, it’s the ultimate legal cause
So, take a minute, check the links, don’t be a fool
Gotta stay compliant, understand the legal rules!